About Ken

Ken Buch is an artist, playwright, writer, blogger, lecturer and workshop facilitator in the area of depth psychology, and serves as president of the Kansas City Friends of Jung. He was raised in a strict Christian fundamentalist family and church but, as a senior in high school and after a lifetime of frustration and feeling abandoned, served his parents’ God with divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences and breach of contract. Thinking that’s that, for the next 20 years Ken pursued a career in engineering and science, only occasionally noticing, but never giving much credence to, the eruptions from an unconscious trying to get his attention. Almost on cue, around 40, his world began shifting in very uncomfortable ways and he found himself doing very illogical things: writing poetry about his childhood and buying books on world religions (and reading them), to name just two. In his readings, the works of Carl Gustav Jung were often referenced so he started reading Jung’s works directly. There was an instant identification with many of the ideas and he became a student of Jung’s work. He sought out like-minded people and found the Kansas City Friends of Jung. Ken soon became a member of the board of directors and now holds the office of president. As a means of furthering his own understanding, he teaches classes in Kansas City and has started branching out to other Jung communities in the US.

He attended the 2011 Playwrights’ Intensive Workshop through the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre in Kansas City and his 10-minute play, The Symphony was performed as a script-in-hand. Ken wrote and performed two plays in the 2012 KC Fringe Festival: The Melancholy Monologues, a one-man show about his depression and his search for meaning, and A Perfect 89, a 10-minute play touching on the Sadean idea of “inspection of the innocent.” His painting, Yellow Nude, was published in the 2012 issue of Kansas City Voices. He started the blog The Psychology of Me as a way to work through his depression from many different viewpoints. Ken writes and presents lectures on depth psychology for the Kansas City Friends of Jung and other Jung societies around the country. He holds a BS in chemical engineering and a PhD in aerospace engineering.

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