• A Psychological Approach to Christianity
    I presented this as a two-evening lecture in Kansas City in 2010. The material could lend itself to a lecture/workshop combination. I’d like to do a major revision of the material.
  • An archetype and a complex walk into a bar
    I presented this as a lecture in Kansas City in 2012. It presents Jung’s concepts of the complex and the archetype as a means of answering the existential questions of life.
  • Creativity and Transformation
    I’ve presented this material three times—twice in Kansas City in 2010 and 2013 and in Phoenix in 2014—with major revisions each time. The workshop is experiential with finger painting, pastels, and/or clay-play.
  • Depression as a Path Within the Individuation Process
    I presented this program in Kansas City in 2015. The format is less lecture and more audience participatory. I will continue to develop the material and intend to create a workshop to provide a more in-depth and experiential approach to the topic.